Samosa – Regular & Pinwheel Samosa

Hot and fried samosa and bite sized pinwheel samosas, a crispy savory filled with spicy mashed potatoes-peas masala and served with some tangy and piquant chutneys.


Mango Papaya Smoothie

Summers and smoothies are the best mash-up. What better than Mangoes, can give a summery feel?! Here is a refreshing, fruity and healthy Mango Papaya Smoothie with the goodness of vegetables.

Mix Vegetable Chutney Salad

When we linger on to something, the zeal, hard work and patience comes along with affirmative consequences. What matters most is the aftermath persistence. I have shared a little about my weight loss journey in my post Healthy Colours with Rajma Salad. Indeed, the journey needs perseverance. Lately, I have been hogging on unhealthy food... Continue Reading →

Evergreen Coriander Chilli Chutney

Sometimes we fail to acknowledge the small things which brings an essence and flavor to life. The absence of these bijou things makes life bland and boring. These little things makes life tangy in every sphere. “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” Arthur Conan... Continue Reading →

Healthy Colours with Rajma Salad

What comes in mind when you hear ‘Salad’ - Boring, Bland and Pale! Ditto! This used to be my reaction when I had to gulp down those boring raw vegetables daily. Yes, you heard it right! It was part of my weight loss journey. Nonetheless, those days are gone. Now, the experimental chef in me... Continue Reading →

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